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Imagine being able to communicate with your dog without frustration, without your dog being confused. It will change the way you live and interact with your four-legged friend. At Dog Psychology and Training Center, we promise to listen to your needs and customize your training program to meet those needs. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Our clients become a part of our family, their dogs our priorities. We work with rescues and shelters to help any animal in need that we can. Your pet being a joy in your life rather than a headache is our goal. Well behaved dogs are not born, they are trained, and we know we can make your bond with your animal stronger than ever. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again!

Your Fort Wayne Dog Trainers:

  • Sean Guenin
    Sean GueninLead Dog Trainer
    • Has always had a strong passion for helping dogs ever since he was a young kid
    • Wants to put an end to canine euthanasia by helping rehabilitate as many aggressive dogs as he can
    • Loves learning new ways and methods in dog training to best help every dog he meets
    • Is very active and loves to spend his free time playing volleyball, soft ball, and any sport outside
    • Easily communicates and connects with owners to help them better understand and reach their dogs
  • Amber Ludwig
    Amber LudwigDog Trainer


    • Loves go to the lake and be outside with her dogs
    • Is a huge sports fan and played softball at the University of Saint Francis
    • Currently plays softball and volleyball
    • Has family who stretches from New York to Chicago and loves to travel
    • Understands all the different personalities dogs have and loves helping them in a way that makes sense to them

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  • Krystal Nierman
    Krystal NiermanOwner and Director of Training


    • Professional trainer since 2008
    • Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals
    • Has been an advisor to the Allen County SPCA, a volunteer at Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, and is a board member of the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition
    • Committed to helping all breeds of dogs
    • Developed a passion for helping people and their pets after a personal experience with Korbyn
    • Spends her spare time with her two beautiful children, Alaska and Raider, her loving husband Eric, and their three dogs

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Meet Sean

Sean Guenin has been interested in animals his entire life. He has never been without at least one dog.  He has also had hamsters, cats, and two parakeets. He currently has a purebred German Shepherd Dog named Sadie, a Shepherd/Lab mix named Bear, and a cat named Nala. Sean started to become interested in dog training when he realized that there were a lot of people out there that where having problems with out of control dogs. He wants to help families to live better lives and have a reliable, loyal, and obedient canine companion. Sean has always had a natural talent for understanding dogs and getting dogs to understand him. Sean would like to specialize in cases involving aggressive and reactive dogs. Sean is currently working to become an agility instructor and is looking forward to participating in Schutzhund dog sport. One of his career goals is to eventually train service dogs for those in need.

Meet Amber

Amber Ludwig’s love for dog training came from my own experience with an unruly large dog of my own. Amber was convinced that her dog Diezel (left in picture) was as disobedient as they come. She quickly found herself dealing with a 90 pound dog that couldn’t walk on a leash, didn’t know how to greet people without jumping, destroyed her house, didn’t know any commands, couldn’t calm himself down once he was excited, and the list goes on. So Amber decided to take him to training and quickly realized she was the one who needed the “training”.  After focused and dedicated training with Deizel Amber’s life changed. Diezel is now a funny, loving, and most important, obedient dog. He has his Canine Good Citizen Certificate and she hasn’t stopped training since. She has a passion for helping change other people’s lives the same way her’s was changed. Amber loves what she does and the “packs” she has the pleasure to assist and work with. Amber also has one other dog, Kiera (right in picture). She is the polar opposite of Diezel. She was the dog who was submissive and picked up commands extremely quickly. Kiera is very sensitive and due to this, needed to be trained with different techniques. Having dogs that are completely different personality types has given her the hands-on knowledge to understand no two dogs can be trained alike. Kiera also has her Canine Good Citizen Certificate. Amber feels blessed to have them in her life because she understands the true meaning of unconditional love from a dog and she can also spread her knowledge from experience she has to others in need. All three of them love to go to the lake and be outside. Amber is a huge sports fan whether she’s watching or playing. She currently plays softball and volleyball in her free time. She also played softball at the University of Saint Francis. She has a small family who stretches from New York to Chicago. She was born and raised in Fort Wayne and truly enjoys living in this city. Amber enjoys the memories she has made and the new ones to come.

Meet Krystal

Krystal Nierman has been training dogs since 2008. She has been an adviser to the Allen County SPCA and volunteered at Animal Care and Control to assist with spays and neuters. Krystal is a Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.  She is also a board member of the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition and is very passionate about helping bully breeds get a better media image. She has a Miniature Schnauzer Terrier named Pepper, a Pit-Bull/Staffordshire mix named Kaster, and a Neapolitan Mastiff named Morgyn. She also has two cats and three crested geckos. Krystal used to be an Assistant Manager at Petland when it was open from 2005 to 2008. She has a husband, Eric, whom she has been with for over ten years; a 2 year old daughter, Alaska, and a 1 year old son, Raider. She loves dogs and loves even more to help people enjoy their pets. She had a Pit Bull Terrier named Korben who was the best dog she ever had. But Korben had an unknown emotional disorder where he would randomly lash out at people and dogs he knew already and liked. One moment he would be perfect, loving everyone and everything then instantly he would become aggressive when Krystal and Eric were trying to get control of him, he nipped Krystal twice and Eric once on two separate instances. What Korben had was by no means a “Pit Bull” problem. His disorder was unknown and unpredictable with no known triggers as to what would make him upset. Korben’s behavior prompted Krystal to get help from the professionals and ever since then Krystal has been devoted to helping others strengthen their human-canine bond.