Recently, an amazing dog trainer, person, and friend of mine, Sean O’Shea, wrote an article that I really connected to as a dog trainer.  The article, “It’s Not Always the Human,” spoke about all the blame the human’s take in regards to their dog’s behavior.  I’m not saying that most dog owners are not responsible for their dog’s actions, because quite frankly they are.  However, there are some dogs that I work with where this is just not the case.  It doesn’t matter how calm or structured an owner can make some dogs lives and the dog still has SEVERE behavior issues.  If you have tried everything you have read or been told by previous dog trainers and still have a dog with behavior issues, hope is not lost.  Most of our clients have tried help from other trainers and still aren’t satisfied with their dog’s actions or behaviors, until they come to us.  We have great results in identifying these rare dogs and calling it what it truly is…a DOG issue.  Once we establish that the owner is not at fault for their dog’s misbehavior, we can take a whole new approach to examining the true issues, where they originate, and implementing a workable game plan to get your pack and family balanced again.


Krystal Nierman

Owner, Head Trainer

Dog Psychology and Training Center

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