What’s your thoughts on too much sugar in your diet?  BAD, right?  What about for your dogs?  First let’s talks about what is sugar.  Carbs=Starches=Sugar.  You may look at the guaranteed analysis on your dog’s food bag and think, “there’s no carbs, starches, or sugars listed so it’s healthy.”  WRONG!  Let me share with you a video I recently saw on how to calculate how much sugar is in your dog’s kibble!


How to calculate carbs in kibble:

(Protein + Fat + Moisture + Ash*) – 100 = CARBS

*If your bag doesn’t list the ash content, then a good rule of thumb is that it’s 6%

More surprisingly was how much sugar is actually in your dog’s GRAIN Free kibble.  I was under the assumption that GRAIN FREE was better for my dogs.  Weren’t you?  Sadly, I was WRONG again.  


Check out this video for sugar comparisons in the most popular brands of dog food (including grain free and prescription diets) by Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker:



Krystal Nierman


Dog Psychology and Training Center

Fort Wayne, IN


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