"...She helps you gain a better understanding and deeper connection with your dog..."
"...In just a few short weeks we saw a transformation that I never thought imaginable..."
"...Krystal comes to our home and works with not only the dogs, but my wife and myself..."
"...Krystal is very professional, punctual, and has a very warm personality..."


The kids loved our new puppy, Snickers, and couldn’t wait to start the day with her. As for me, I didn’t want to get up and deal with whose shoes she’d eaten, which of the kids she had nipped at or where she may have left her mark on the carpeting. She had taken over the house and it was time to seek help. We needed someone who understood the issues and could mold Snickers into the pet that everyone loved to be around; kids, neighbors and family. When Krystal arrived, she assessed our family dynamics with Snickers, listened to the issues we were having and presented an action plan that would help Snickers gain obedience and give the family back the power. Krystal worked with Snickers, one on one, teaching her simple commands to sit, lie down and stay. Our homework was to reinforce what Snickers had learned using the
hand signals she was taught. We worked as a family to reinforce what Snickers had learned, and quickly took back control of the house. It really was simple and required only reinforcement and commitment on our part. Snickers was such a good student, she soon learned more advanced commands of no barking as the kids walked or rode by on their bikes, to walk pleasantly beside us or heal when she was on a walk or run with the family. In addition, the accidents in the house stopped and the scratching at the door ceased. The most amazing change we saw in Snickers was when she stopped herding the children, and nipping them in the heels, which is her natural instinct as a herding dog. No matter the issue, Krystal had a solution. She encouraged us to phone her in between sessions should we have any issues or problems that needed attention. No problem was too big for Krystal. In just a few short weeks, we saw a transformation that I never thought imaginable. Snickers has become a wonderful addition to our family. I look forward to seeing her happy face and wagging tail each morning and knowing that whatever situation Snickers presents to us, we can control. I am so amazed by Krystal’s talent, her ability to understand the issues and create solutions. She has worked magic on Snickers and brought peace back to our family.”
Many thanks, Krystal.
Betsy and Erik Magner
Owners, Meister Cook, LLC.


Anyone can help you simply train a dog.  What Krystal does through her work with your pet through the Dog Psychology and Training Center is really help you to understand what makes your pet behave the way he/she does.  By helping you (“the stupid human”) to understand the WHY behind your pet’s behavior… not only does she give you incredible tools to train your pet EXACTLY the way YOU want him/her trained, but she also helps you to gain a better understanding and accordingly a much deeper connection with your pet.  If you just want your dog to come, stay, sit, heel, etc. – Krystal can do that in about 5 minutes for you and that’s fine.  But if you’re looking to really understand your pet and develop a relationship with him/her for a lifetime… then Krystal is one of the very few who can do that for you.  Oh yeah… and your pet will ADORE her as will you.
Scott Sproat
Co-Owner, Fort Wayne Komet Hockey Club


We are a client of Krystal Nierman. It is with great pride and pleasure we write this letter of recommendation. My wife and I have two (2) Black Labs. One is 10 years old (Bubba) and the other is 15 months (Dallas). Krystal comes to our home and works with not only the dogs but my wife and myself. She is very
professional her instruction. We are most impressed with the knowledge that she shares in teaching and learning just what needs to be done to get our pets to follow instructions. As you can imagine “Dallas” is a young, big puppy. He can be easily distracted. With Krystal’s training he was behaving and paying attention from the very first session. We have only been doing the training for a few short weeks. Out dogs have become much more controllable and display that
desire to please. I can honestly say for the first time in 10 years my wife can actually walk a dog and be in control. There is no tugging or pulling. The dogs pay attention to her and not the distractions. I am sure your experience will be just as ours has been, very rewarding and pleasurable. The fees charged are very reasonable and affordable.
Dennis & Vickie Schebig
Service Champ Indiana


After interviewing several other trainers I decided to hire Krystal to help me and my family
train our new labrador puppy Kelsey, based on our phone conversations and her initial meeting at
our home. Krystal’s way with animals, experience and knowledge were very evident the first
time she started to train Kelsey. She not only has helped us get the results that we had hoped for
but she has taught us to better understand our dog along the way. This in the end gives Kelsey
more freedom and allows us to take her with us in more situations and really enjoy our pet
almost as another member of the family.
Krystal is very professional, puntual and has a very warm personality that my whole family has
grown to enjoy. The bottom line is we are getting fantastic results and we have decided to take
her advanced training classes as we really saw the value in a well trained pet. I would highly
recommend Krystal to anyone who wants to get a higher level of enjoyment out of their pet.
Jeff Fox
Owner, Jeffrey Fox & Associates Inc.