All our programs are customized for your family and guaranteed for life! and:

  • All your training tools are included (up to a $300 value).
  • All AKC CGC testing (Canine Good Citizen) upon completion of training program.
  • You will be granted exclusive Access to our online Client’s Only Website.
  • You have unlimited Email Support (forever!)
  • You can see updates of your dog’s progress via Facebook.com/trainingthepack

1-on-1 Private Lesson Dog Training

FINEST FIDO – 3 Private Lessons
Is your dog just a bit unruly?  Does he bark at cars, jump on guests, and pull you on walks?
Imagine your dog walking nicely at your side even when they see a squirrel or dogs. Imagine your dog sitting to greet your friends and family instead of jumping and knocking them down.
This can be your dog in just a few short lessons.  REALLY!

What’s Included:

  • 3 Private Lessons in your home
  • 3 Foundational Commands: SIT, COME, and “PLACE” (which means to stay on a bed or other object until they’re released… great for dinner time or when you have company!  And yes, your dog can definitely do that).
  • 4 Behavior Commands: OFF, ENOUGH (to stop excessive barking, rough playing, etc), and WALK politely
  • Plus all the extras listed above
  • Bonuses: 3 FREE Group Socials
~Tuition – $675~
“It’s been nearly two years and Gracie still responds to our commands, listens and stays when she is told. She still does well when we visit Rural King and is polite to the customers and other dogs. We receive comments consistently how well behaved Gracie isThankful for the training we received from Dog Psychology and Training Center.” -Beth Oas

Board & Train

Want to hear people say “you have the best dog ever”? No problem, we will give you just that.
Imagine your dog (yes, your dog) happy and well-behaved. Not one or the other, but both. Imagine your dog happy to look to you for guidance, not ignore and embarrass you. We are here to make that happen.
This program is perfect for the family who wants the absolute best training experience, the fastest results in the least amount of time.  You just need to maintain what we train.  Let us do the hardest work for you!

What’s Included:

  • 5 Day Stay (Board and Train)
  • 3 Foundational Commands with HAND SIGNALSSIT, DOWN, COME, and “PLACE” with distractions
  • 6 Behavior Commands: OFF, ENOUGH (to stop excessive barking, licking, rough playing, etc), STAY (at open doorways)LEAVE IT, CRATEand WALK politely
  • 3 DPTC Exclusive “Livability” Commands: naming rooms (go to “KITCHEN” or “LIVING ROOM”, “OUT” of this room)
  • 4 Follow Up Lessons for continuing support after your dog comes home
  • Plus all the extras listed above
  • Bonuses: 5 FREE Group Socials
~Tuition – $1975~
 Your dog has a LUXURY stay at our home, not in a stressful kennel.
*Limited Availability*
“Sean has made the impossible possible. With 2 puppies from the same litter, 2 young children at home, and a full time job, training the pups was impossible. I tried for 9 months! In 2-3 weeks, Sean has changed our world. -Crystal Bourcier
Can you imagine having people over and your dog greeting them nicely with NO jumping. Or having your dog laying at your feet or on a bed as you entertain your guests. How about going to visit family with your dog being completely relaxed and having the PERFECT manners?
This is our “Dream Dog” program. Impressive, that’s what you want from your dog! And that is what we deliver with this Off Leash, Unlimited program.
Your dog stays with us for TWO 5 day stays so they get lots of one-on-one attention from us and you get them on the weekend. Your dog will receive lots of loving care and fun play with other dogs living at your trainer’s home with his family and pets.
This program promises to deliver results that will make everyone envy your pup. It’s not just a dream!
What’s Included: with PROGRAM EXCLUSIVES

  • Two 5 Day Stays (optional weekend stay)
  • OFF-LEASH, ADVANCED Commands with HAND SIGNALSSIT, DOWN, COME, HEEL, PLACEand WALK nicely when company is present inside and outside of the house WITHOUT A LEASH even with high distractions 
  • UNLIMITED Behavior Commands: Creates or restores HOUSEBREAKING OFF, ENOUGH (to stop excessive barking, licking, rough playing, etc), STAY (at open doorways)LEAVE IT, CRATEand WALK politely
  • UNLIMITED DPTC Exclusive “Livability” Commands: naming rooms (go to “KITCHEN” or “LIVING ROOM”, “OUT” of this room), get “BACK”, “UP/DOWNSTAIRS”, etc.
  • UNLIMITED Follow Up Lessons for continuing support after your dog comes home
  • Plus all the extras listed above
  • Bonuses: UNLIMITED Group Socials
~Tuition – $2975~
 Your dog has a LUXURY stay at our home, not in a stressful kennel.
*Limited Availability*

Aggression, Anxiety, and Fearful Behaviors

For moderate to severe ANXIETY, FEARFUL, and HUMAN and DOG Reactive/Aggressive Dogs

Board and Train | Aggressive & Anxiety Dogs

CELEBRITY REHAB – Three 5 Day Board & Trains
Does your dog’s anxiety give you anxiety? Is your dog terrified of things you would have never guessed? Are you unsure of what your dog will do next?
This is our “Celebrity Rehab” program for dog’s who’ve gone off the deep end. Your dog stays with us for three 5 day board and trains to get lots of one-on-one attention and you get to spend the weekends with them.
We can’t teach your dog to love other people and dogs, but we can certainly get them to tolerate their presence.

What’s Included: 

  • Three 5 Day Stays (optional weekend stay) rarely, depending on aggression/anxiety severity, the program may take longer.
  • Advanced Obedience: SIT, DOWN, COME, and HEEL all with HAND SIGNALS, WALK without Pulling and automatic Sit when you stop, bolting, jumping, PLACE, Leave-It, and PERCEPTION MODIFICATION. 
  • Covers All Problem Behaviors: Anxiety, Timidity, Fearful Behaviors, Reactivity, and Aggression 
  • UNLIMITED follow up support and UNLIMITED email support
  • All Inclusive Training Tools: elevated pet cot, training collar, remote training collar, and long lines (over a $300 value)
  • Updates of your dog’s training progress via facebook.com/trainingthepack
  • Bonuses:UNLIMITED Group Socials UNLIMITED Exclusive “Livability” Commands: naming rooms, out, back, stay (inside), etc
~Tuition – $4475~
“Sean did an awesome job for us. Our dog was a rescue and had a lot of fear and weird behaviors going into the training. He is now more confident, social, and relaxed.“ -Alex Fernadez
Can’t decide which program is best for your dog?
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